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Michael Garver


"Patton Systems learned our business needs and built a custom solution that represents our business model precisely.  Our training time for a new ERP solution was cut in half, our staff hit the ground running in 1/3rd of the time canned software companies proposed."

Troy Robertson - CIO - PJ Wallbank Springs


"Patton Systems developed our custom software solution prior to the 2000 business year.  This solution has been running our company for almost 20 years.  We haven't had to have full time IT staff onsite for that time period saving our company a lot of money.  Other companies fall victim to support related issues with an off the shelf, hard to integrate, expensive solutions.  "

Scott Strom - CTO - Penn Automotive


"Patton Systems developed our solution in 1998 and we're still running those core solutions today.  They've kept our company running regardless of platform and desktop OS changes".